What’s the 411 on the 591?

Posted July 14th, 2010 in News by Charles Radville

whats591right half What’s the 411 on the 591?The number of acres currently owned in fee (that is, owned outright) by the Mattapoisett Land Trust, all of which is open to public access. This number includes the 80-acre Oldfield Farm property lying along the Mattapoisett River in Rochester that was donated to the MLT before the Rochester Land Trust existed. It includes properties as small as .08 acres on the corner of Route 6 and North Street where the Lions Club/MLT events sign stands and as large as the 107-acre Walega-Livingstone Preserve on Brandt Island Cove. It consists of 67 individual parcels of land of which the first to be acquired by the MLT was a .39 acre parcel at the end of Brierpatch Lane in 1974.

The number does not include the 64-acre Field Farm which the MLT has protected through a conservation restriction (CR).

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We’ve protected some important properties but there is much more we can do. Please give us your support and watch the number grow.

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