Fish and Game Bio Map sheds light on Core Habitats

Posted February 24th, 2011 in Conservation, News by Charles Radville

Here is a map generated by Mass. Dept of Fish and Game’s BioMap interactive online system. It identifies the core and critical areas surrounding the Brownell Parcel we hope to purchase in June.near bowman parcel1 Fish and Game Bio Map sheds light on Core Habitats

The following is copied from the DFG site’s description of  the critical areas in the landscape.

Core Habitat and Critical Natural Landscape often overlap. Together they identify 2.1 million acres that are key to conserving our state’s biodiversity. Currently, 1.2 million of these acres remain unprotected.

Core Habitat totals 1.2 million acres, of which 680,000 acres remain unprotected.

Core Habitat includes:

  • Habitats for rare, vulnerable, or uncommon mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, invertebrate, and plant species
  • Priority Natural Communities
  • High quality wetland, vernal pool, aquatic, and coastal habitats
  • Intact forest ecosystems

Critical Natural Landscape totals 1.8 million acres, of which 1 million acres remain unprotected.

Critical Natural Landscape includes:

  • The largest Landscape Blocks in each of 8 ecoregions
  • Adjacent uplands that buffer wetland, aquatic, and coastal habitats

Obviously this purchase is important to preserving wildlife habitat in Mattapoisett. To help fund this critical addition to MLT properties, go to our Donate page, or call 1.774.377.9191.

For more information about Core Habitats and Critical Natural Landscapes, go to the DFG BioMap Home Page

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