UMass Dartmouth Engineering Students working with MLT

Posted March 14th, 2014 in Uncategorized by Charles Radville

Six students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth presently are working on two projects with the Land Trust. The first project involves field survey work and technical research to help us determine the best way to repair areas of erosion in the lawn and gardens along the top of the seawall at the Munro Preserve. The students’ efforts will result in an application before the Mattapoisett Conservation Commission for authorization to proceed with the needed maintenance. We hope the repairs can be completed before the summer season begins.
The second project involves field work and both technical and economic research to determine the possible costs and benefits of a restored pond behind the stone and earthen dam at the Dexter Mill Preserve. The Dexter Mill project will result in a preliminary feasibility study of the regulatory, environmental and economic ramifications of allowing a pond to form once again behind the dam. As part of this work the students will evaluate the possibility of a small hydroelectric generation unit at the dam.
Both projects are being completed as part of a civil engineering course for seniors taught by Professor Heather Miller, a Mattapoisett resident and MLT supporter. Doug Schneider, a professional civil engineer in Mattapoisett who has worked for many years with MLT, is providing advice to the students as well. We extend our sincere thanks to Professor Miller, Mr. Schneider and the six students working with us. Both projects will be finished by May, and the students will present their results at MLT’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 10th. We also will provide a summary of the students’ results in the Fall-Winter 2014 issue of The Heron.

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