Stewardship Log

Posted May 30th, 2010 in Stewardship Log by Charles Radville

Welcome to the Mattapoisett Land Trust Stewardship Log!

We need your help to keep protected properties in their natural states and accessible to the public.

If you have visited one of the properties and seen something that needs attention:

  • A trail is blocked
  • The property is being misused
  • You are unsure of where the property begins or ends
  • Any number of other concerns
  • Praise (this is good to hear too)

Report it on this page as a comment.

  • Include the name of the property (or as close a description as you can provide.)
  • Add a photo to our Flickr group page if it helps get your point across. (Or even if it’s just a nice picture.)

What you enter will be reviewed and passed along for action.

Comments and responses with be archived in sequence, along with the resolutions.

Thank you so much for your participation in keeping Mattapoisett’s open spaces accessible.